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Introducing the Missouri Forest Products Logging School

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MFPA Logging School Flyer-Spring 2020 | Download Application

The Missouri Forest Products Association Logging School is now accepting applications for the 2020 spring session. The Logging School is a 10-week course of study. A maximum of 12 students per session will be accepted into the program to maximize the student to instructor ratio for depth of instruction and safety. The logging school tuition covers your personal protective equipment, week day lodging/meals, instruction, and logging equipment for the 10-week training.

You will learn the logging profession in both the classroom and in the field and will graduate with an education that will prepare you to become a competent member of an existing logging company while understanding what it takes to run a logging company. You will learn the business side of logging while also developing the skills required to operate and maintain the equipment used in the logging industry. Upon completing the course, you will graduate with MFPA Logging School Certificate plus the Professional Timber Harvester certification which is essential for career growth.

The MFPA Logging School is a “hands on” program where you will operate logging equipment during your time in the field. Professionals in the industry will be delivering the instruction throughout the 10-week session so you will learn from professional loggers, certified foresters, and leaders in the timber industry.

The logging profession is an exciting and rewarding career but can also be a hazardous one. The MFPA Logging School was designed around learning how to safely harvest timber by following management practices which ensure the sustainability and long-term health of the forest.

To receive additional information, application materials, tuition assistance, and scholarship opportunities please contact the MFPA office at 573-634-3252 or email Mark at  Or, complete the online application.

Curriculum Components


Field Instruction:

Participants will also receive their certification for the Professional Timber Harvester (PTH) Training.