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Forest products industries contribute about $7.3 billion annually to Missouri’s economy.

It supports more than 41,200 jobs at a payroll of about $1.9 billion and is responsible for almost $610 million in taxes, including $77 million in state sales tax.  This includes the direct impact of jobs in the primary wood processing industry, indirect impacts of the secondary wood products industry and “induced” impacts in the economy as a whole (loggers, sawyers, and carpenters, after all, buy groceries and gas just like the rest of us). (Source: Missouri Department of Conservation, 2011)

A healthy and productive forest is paramount to the success and wellbeing of Missouri’s forest products industries.  MFPA is concerned that forest health indicators are describing a forest condition that is over-mature and over-stocked on thousands of acres of public and private land.  We believe active forest management, utilizing sound forestry principles, is the key to addressing forest health now and ensuring a healthy and sustainable forest for the future.

An analysis of current conditions of Missouri timberlands was initiated in 2011 and completed in 2013 to evaluate the effectiveness of management practices to produce healthy forests for future generations. It confirms the opportunity exists to stimulate rural economies, while improving forest health, by optimizing utilization levels of both public and privately owned forest resources.

Final Report Improving Forest Health Sustains Rural Communities